☃️ To ensure delivery by Christmas, please place all custom sign orders by midnight of 12/8

Custom Sherpa Blanket With Your Design

This sherpa blanket is a custom design with your choice of personalization.

Add Your Personalization:

▶︎ Any Name, as you'd like it entered into the "Last Name" section
▶︎ The name can be any words you need to be included, such as a Company name, Department name, Scriptures, & custom quotes that you need
▶︎ Any important dates, such as promotions, relocations, retirements
▶︎ Any hometowns, or any other locations

Made To Order Super Soft Fleece Sherpa Blankets is available in these 2 size options:

▶︎ 50"x60" (Great for children, as they won't fully cover most grown adults the way that most would hope for; do your measurements prior to your order, as we're alerting you here that the 60"x80" is the perfect size for adult gifts)
▶︎ 60"x80" (Perfect blanket size for adults to be comfy wrapped up in)


▶︎ Highest Quality Available & Excellent Durability.
▶︎ This blanket is sure to become your favorite for keeping comfy on cold winter days.
▶︎ The printed side is a silky soft fleece; the non-printed side is cream-colored faux wool, which is so soft.