You can always reach us directly, these 2 ways:

Fastest Response is by Email, typically within 1-2 hours, 24/7: staff@prettyperfectstudio.comLeave a message & we'll return your call:  720-664-5088

If you call us, please leave your name, best number to reach you back, any order details if available, and how we can help assist you.  We have customer support returning calls typically on Monday-Saturday, 12pm-6pm US CST.

Placing Orders

For Custom Orders, use these steps:

Select the product from pricing dropdown, with the options you would like. (size, style, etc.)Click the Add To Cart buttonLook for the Note to Seller note box, and input your information for customization there.  You can also email these details to us after your order, via: staff@prettyperfectstudio.comComplete the checkoutWatch for your proof which will be sent to you via email within 24 hours after we receive your custom order.  You will need to review and approve, or request revisions after receiving your art proof.

For Non-Custom Orders, use these steps:

Click the Add To Cart buttonComplete the checkout
If you need any personalization added to any non-custom artwork in our shop, please either order from this custom link, or reach out to us via email and we're happy to assist you here.  Custom Canvas Wall Art Link

We currently do customize individual orders, if customization is mentioned in the listing design you're considering or have ordered.  If you've ordered one of our custom designs, we'll customize any details mentioned on that listing; if you're needing full custom, you can order from this listing:  Full Custom Canvas Listing

Please reach out to us for any questions here:

NOTE: If you've ordered a non-custom order, where it makes no mention of it being customizable, there would be an extra cost associated with customizing your order.  

If you've ordered a custom design, but given us details that are more intricate than what that design allows, it will likely cost around $10-$15 more, and as much as $25, depending on how involved our design team must get, such as recreating an image or logo for you.  If you have any question about this, please reach out to our support staff, and we can get with our design team about your question or order.  

For any changes with your order, as long as it hasn't been moved into print production, our customer support may be able to help you here.  Please reach out to us:

We move all non-custom orders into production within 24 hours or receiving the order, to ensure quick delivery.  You'll need to reach out as soon as you can, in order to prevent production of your order.  Our staff will email you on whether or not it's too late to make additional changes to your order.

If the listing you've ordered from offered customization, as long as you haven't approved the art proof, we should be able to help you make changes to your order.  Once you have received your custom art proof and approved it, it'll likely be too late to request changes, without placing another order.  Please reach out to us and we're happy to let you know how we can help:

As long as we haven't moved your order into print production, we're happy to make any changes you're wanting.  Please note that if you request a larger size, or upgrade your order from digital file, or unframed canvas, to a framed option, we'll need to charge you the difference in price to complete your order; if you downsize from a framed to an unframed, smaller size, or digital file, we're also happy to do partial refunds of the amount difference.  But if we've sent your order into print production, we won't be able to make anymore requested changes, as our cost of your product will already be spent in product production costs.

With all this being said, please reach out to us via email, and we'll do our best to ensure that your order is Pretty Perfect for you.

We do provide a discount for signing up to receive our future sales & discounts, via email.  You can check for our latest discounts here:

You can also reach out to our customer support and we're glad to help any way we can:

Due to our competitive pricing, we currently don't offer any bulk discount, or options for wholesale business accounts.  Many of our products are custom and made-to-order, which involves staff time and effort outside of the normal products available in the marketplace.

We do provide a discount for signing up to receive our future sales & discounts, via email.  You can check for our latest discounts here:

You can also reach out to our customer support and we're glad to help any way we can:

We don't have a physical location for customers to visit.  But we do have customer support available 24/7 via email, and you can anticipate a response after reaching out to us about any questions, typically within a few hours max.

Here's our customer support email:

Regarding sales tax within e-commerce, we must collect and remit sales tax in the state where we have been licensed to do business. Unfortunately, it's not something that we can 'get around' and we have to charge it, even if you live in a state that doesn't remit sales tax.

If you have additional questions concerning this, you can reach out to our customer support and we're happy to help how we can here.

For our canvas wall art, we currently are able to include a simple gift note message with your wall art order.  We aren't able to provide any physical cards, but will provide this gift note on a paper flyer along with the order.  Please provide any gift notes either in the 'notes' section, before placing your order; or via email to us:

We are unable to provide gift notes on any blanket order, due to our blanket print partner not having that option available at this time.

Product Details

Check out our video on the each product page where we explain the different types of canvas wall art offered.

Unframed Vs Framed Canvas Wall Art Options:

Both framed and unframed canvas options are going to be about 1.25 inches deep, and are both ready to hang upon delivery.  The frames will add about 1 inch around each side; so if you order a 12x36", you can expect it'll be close to 14"x38" to account for the 1" around each side for the frame.

DIGITAL FILE ONLY Option: You'll  notice all of our wall art listings include the option to purchase a 'Digital File Only'.  This is our only option that isn't ready to hang, which is why it's the lowest priced.  What we offer here, is a high-resolution printable PDF or Jpeg built to any requested size.  So no matter if you've purchase a custom or non-custom digital file, you'll still need to reach out to us via email with the size you're wanting to have prepared for you in your file:

You'll notice that our custom digital files are slightly higher priced than non-custom digital files, because there will be more of our graphic design team's involvement with producing any custom orders.

We currently don’t offer our digital download in SVG format because the artwork is too complex to make cut paths.