Personalized First Responder Blankets To Join Alongside The Custom Wall Art

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Custom Blankets Makes Perfect Christmas Gifts For First Responders

Pretty Perfect Studio has now added custom sherpa blankets to the lineup, in high quality custom home gifts!  These are the first blankets to be offered by our shop, and are sure to be a huge success.  Currently, they are available in the following thin line colors, although can be any color needed upon a request via email:  Blue, Red, Grey, Yellow/Gold, White, and Green. 

These are perfect if you're needing a unique rustic modern, custom gift for a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, EMT, Emergency Nurse, 911 Dispatcher, Prison Warden or Guard, or you simply love these color flags and support the cause yourself.

Watch Our Video To Learn Why Pretty Perfect Blankets Over Competitors 

Our blankets have been tested for comfort and style, so that you can rest assured that you will be impressed.  Josh with Pretty Perfect Studio, demonstrates the differences in fleece prints between us and leading competitors, as well as suggestions on selecting the perfect size.

The Latest In Pretty Perfect Custom Blankets

With Pretty Perfect blankets, each side is going to offer a different type of softness and style.  The printed side consists of super soft and comfortable fleece, while the opposite side is what makes this the comfy snuggle up blanket that you're sure to love; that is because it is Sherpa styled for a pleasant light shag feel.  The Sherpa will be a soft cream color.

Pretty Perfect Studio offers Custom Sherpa Fleece Blankets For The First Time




Thin Blue Line Blankets

This design has been very popular as custom wall art, and we feel it looks equally as perfect on these sherpa fleece blankets.  We've had requests for these as gifts for members of Law Enforcement including Cops, State Troopers, Highway Patrol Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Prison Guards, Wardens, and Police Department Precincts.  We can personalize these by writing basically anything needed on them, and this customization is included with the purchase.  Most of the time, requests are made for adding the Officer Badge Number and Officer's Last Name.

Custom Sherpa Blankets For Thin Blue Line Blue Lives Matter Police Officer AppreciationSee This Thin Blue Line Blanket In Our Etsy Shop


Thin Grey Line Custom Blankets

We've added the Grey (also referred to as Gray or Silver) Line for members of Department of Corrections Staff such as Wardens and Prison Guards.

Thin Grey Line Gifts For Prison Wardens and Correctional Guards
See This Thin Grey Line Blanket In Our Etsy Shop

Thin Red Line Custom Blankets

We've added the Thin Red Line gifts for Fire Departments, Fire Dept Chiefs, and Fire Fighters.

Thin Red Line Gifts For Firefighters and Fire Dept Chiefs
See This Thin Red Line Blanket In Our Etsy Shop

Thin White Line Custom Blankets

We've added the Thin White Line gifts for EMS EMTs, Emergency Nurses, Paramedics, 911 Dispatchers, Doctors, and OR Surgeons.

Thin White Line Christmas Gifts For EMTs and Paramedics
See This Thin White Line Blanket In Our Etsy Shop


Thin Gold Line Custom Blankets

We've added the Thin Gold Line gifts for 911 Emergency Dispatchers and Dispatch Supervisors, although we've also found them to be popular with Security Guards, Truck Drivers, and Tow Truck Operators.

Thin Gold Line Thin Yellow Line Gifts For 911 Emergency Dispatchers, Truck Drivers, and Tow Operators
See This Thin Gold Line Blanket In Our Etsy Shop


Thin Green Line Custom Blankets

We've added the Thin Green Line gifts for Active Duty and Veteran Military, as Deployment and Homecoming gifts.

Thin Green Line Custom Gifts For Active Duty Military and Veterans For Deployments and Homecoming
See This Thin Green Line Blanket In Our Etsy Shop


Which Blanket Size Is Perfect For Me? 

Although there are 2 blanket sizes to choose from, which are the (youth) size 50"x60" and the (adult) size 60"x80".  The most popular is already proving to be the larger 60"x80"; It simply is the choice to go with, as a full sized blanket that's also only $25 more than the youth sized.

Fleece Sherpa Blanket Size Chart Available At Pretty Perfect Studio





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First Responder Gifts For Police Officers, Dept Corrections Guards, EMTs, Firefighters, 911 Dispatchers